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Hey there, it's aly. My life consists of loving as much as I possibly can, and being athletic. I happen to be obsessed with Teen Wolf and you will make my day if you ever discuss the show with me. I am a junior in my high school, and am so incredibly proud to say I am one of the varsity cheerleaders. I spend my time constantly being at practice, laughing with my boyfriend, and busting out to Drake. I enjoy going out to dinner and dancing alone not caring who's watching. I feel most comfortable when I'm with my best friend, or making jokes over something completely ridiculous. I am so grateful for who I call my family, knowing that some people don't have one. You'll most likely catch me carrying school work, cheer sneakers, headphones or on my phone updating my twitter. Oh and yes, I am one of the people that keeps up with the Kardashians, and i also love America's Next Top Model. I wish one day i could be one, but sadly I'm way too short. Thank you for reading and enjoy my blog dolls.



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